Our Church

Our Church

Ethiopia is one of the ancient nation on earth. Biblical, historical and archeological facts are telling us about the existance of Ethiopia for at least 3000 years. Lucy or in it's Ethiopian name "Dinknesh" is the world's oldest focil. Excavation of Dinknesh from the Afar Triangle of Ethiopia is a solid evidence of the existance of this great nation long before history was written. Amazingly, the worship in one true God was always the religious practice in Ethiopia. Old Testament was introduced to Ethiopia about 1000 years before Christ and according to Acts 8 an Ethiopian eunuch was baptized in 1st AD. Christianity was later proclaimed as State religion in 4th AD.

Due to all these facts our church has very unique tradition and practice. At Mekane Rama St. Gabriel Cathedral we are commited to maintainthe original worship practice and we are working hard to pass it over to the next generation. Our children are the asset of this church and transfering the values of our faith and teaching the culture and tradition of our church is our main goal.

Our church is a non-profit organization. It is an establishment organized according to 501(c)3 code. A board of directors of eleven elected officials is the governor of the church. These officials are elected every 2 years. In addition, we have support groups to work with the managing directors. There main role is technical support in areas of construction and maintenance work, public relation, social services IT support and multimedia

Apart from this, we have priests and deacons who are incharge of the spiritual services. They perform hymns and Sunday mass. They deliver sermons and religious addresseson Sundays and main Holidays. They pray for sick and comfort troubled. They can be reached over the phone or can be met in person. Youth and teen counseling is our focus and we believe that every one needs religious guidance and has the right for free and adequate access. That is why we are here and we are committed to it.

Please read our by-law and please learn our doctrine and if that is something evoking your interest, please fill the membership application form and submit it at your convenience

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